Part I: 

The large intestines house over a hundred trillion microbes and fourty-thousand different bacteria; as a result the gut contains more than two-thirds of our immune system. It plays a vital role in detoxification by eliminating waste products in form of faeces. But that isn’t all, the large intestines are also synthesising vitamin K2, B vitamins and ferment indigestible carbohydrates leading to synthesis of Short-Chain-Fatty-Acids (SCFA) which provides 5-15 percent of our daily energy requirements.

It is important to know that we don’t just have a gut microbiome but also our skin, mouth, lungs, nose, vagina etc. are all part of the microbial ecosystem. 

For now I will concentrate on the gut microbiome, as its very complex:

 The lumen, the very inner layer of the gut, is home to trillion of microbes and is part of the Enteric Nervous System (ENS) . The ENS contains 200-600 million neurones, which produce 90% of our serotonin; needed for happiness and sense of wellbeing. 

50% of dopamine, another neurotransmitter, is also made in the gut, dopamine is responsible for the feelings of reward pleasure and compassion, hence the ENS is also called the second Brain.

We have 10 trillion cells in our body and have 10 times more the amount in bacteria, in fact 90%  of our human body consists of bacteria.

What influences our microbiome?

• Type of birth

• Full term or pre-term birth 

• Breastfed or not

• Home birth or hospital birth 

• Food

• Water

• Medications, especially antibiotics etc.

• Skin contact

• Pets/animals

• Living at a farm city or country side

• Activity

• Spending time outdoors/indoors

• Sleep

Additional factors include intimacy, nurturing and food sharing etc.

Which symptoms you might experience with an unbalanced gut microbiome?

• Bloating

• Diarrhoea

• Pain

• Constipation

• Gas

• B12 deficiency

• Mineral deficiencies

• Heartburn 

There are also gut associated disorders, such as allergies, acne, arthritis, autism, anxiety, certain types of cancer, fatigue, depression, immune disorders, neurologic disorders etc.

If you experience any symptoms and would like some help in supporting or rebalance your gut please get in touch, I offer a 15 minute FREE DISCOVERY CALL.